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Our clients – a partner at a property consultancy and his partner – were looking to obtain a mortgage of £1.39m to buy a residential property valued at £1.85m. At the time, one of these clients owned three properties – one residential, two investment – and was planning to convert the residential property into a let-to-buy. Conversely, our other client was a first-time buyer. They were looking to obtain a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP) mortgage. Such a mortgage would be held under joint names, while the ownership of the property would be held under a single name – on this occasion, in the name of the first-time buyer.

This case presented a number of unique difficulties:

  1. Our clients required an interest-only mortgage at a loan-to-value of 75%. Few lenders are willing to offer such mortgages. The fact that the required mortgage was more than £1m and that they required a JBSP mortgage made this requirement especially difficult to satisfy.
  2. Our clients also required a lender who would take mortgaged properties in the background into account; again, not all lenders are willing to do this.
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Having surveyed the market, looking for lenders with an appetite for lending of this type, our broker was eventually able to locate a competitive mortgage that satisfied all of our clients’ requirements. This was an interest only JBSP mortgage with a rate of 2.29% for the full required amount of £1.38m.

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