In the wake of Brexit and pending further monetary policy announcements from the Bank of England, we are yet to see any changes to UK lending criteria that make it harder for borrowers over 65 years of age from obtaining a mortgage. Here are our top 5 tips for those seeking mortgage finance at retirement age:


If you hold considerable assets outside of your main residence, applying through a private bank may be a good option, as they are traditionally more flexible on income assessment for people with complicated income scenarios.  Assets range from investment portfolios and cash savings to holiday homes or buy-to-let properties. 


Enlisting the services of a reliable, independent mortgage broker with a large range of lending options is the surest way to receive the most competitive deals available. Furthermore, a quality mortgage broker will ensure that your application is presented in the most comprehensive and transparent way possible, to help smooth and speed up the process.


Remember that the mortgage application process has changed considerably since the financial crisis. It is therefore highly likely that you will be asked to fill in a lot more paperwork and disclose even more personal information than when you last applied for a mortgage. 

Direct Income

Whilst most lenders insist on proof of sufficient pension income for older borrowers, a select few will lend up to the age of 75 or older if the applicant can demonstrate that they can plausibly continue working. Other accepted sources of income include consistent rental income from any buy to let properties and other investment income. 

Equity Release

Applicants who are unable to provide adequate levels of income should look at the option of equity release mortgages that allow you to top up your income and/or repay the mortgage from the equity in your existing home. These tend to be more costly and some borrowers are likely to be put off by the residual value of the property, should they want to leave something behind for the younger generation.

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