• How Could Brexit Hit the UK Economy?

    It is difficult, amidst the uncertainty that currently besets the nation, to set down any confident economic forecasts for the post-brexit world. It is possible, however, to assess the health of the economy as it currently stands and use this assessment to make a number of tentative predictions regarding mortgage rates and house prices.

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  • Case Study: Foreign National Buy to Live Mortgage

    Our client – a US national living in the States with no familial ties to the UK – wished to purchase a two bedroom flat in Colindale, where he planned to live during the months that he would be working in the UK each year.

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  • Self-Build Mortgages

    There comes a point at which the financial incentives offered by the self-build option begin to offset the emotional costs it carries. Unbeknownst to many, that point may have already been reached.

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  • Self-Employed Mortgages

    Despite making up 15.1% of the working population, self-employed workers often find it extremely difficult to obtain a mortgage. This need not be the case.

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  • Economic Overview: January 2019

    The news is abuzz with pessimistic projections for 2019. No matter where we end up, no matter what we do, the situation is without hope – or so we’re being told.

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  • Contract Workers: Super-low rates based on gross, not taxable, income

    For the UK’s 4.8 million self-employed, mortgage options depend greatly on the sector and nature of their work. It’s often assumed that all lenders will want at least three year’s accounts and will base their maximum loan on taxable income. For contract workers, especially in historically dependable sectors such as IT, the reality can be very different - and much better.

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