Autumn Mortgage Checklist

Now that the spring has sprung and the last rays of summer have winked out for yet another year, most people think that the opportunities presented by the property market have also dried up until next April. This is a misconception that could cost you potentially thousands of pounds.

Throughout this article, we will discuss the opportunities presented by the autumn property market. Activity levels may be declining, but for anyone with an eye for a bargain and an understanding of the financial options available, there’s no reason why this time of the year should be any less lucrative than the preceding period. Moreover, neglecting your mortgage needs now could lead to much unnecessary stress at a time of the year when such emotions are already in ample supply.

Buying Season

While selling your property during the winter months may sometimes be inadvisable, buying a property now can often be a masterstroke. The market is soft, prices are low, buyers are few, and sellers are often willing to take a hit on their property’s perceived market value. There’s no better time, therefore, for a canny buyer to survey the market and find themselves a bargain. And if they do so now, there’s no reason why – with the help of a good mortgage broker keeping the house-buying process ticking along – they shouldn’t be able to move into their new property by the time the tinsel is upon the tree.

Bridging Finance

Many would-be home movers are currently in the same position: they’re eager to move house but haven’t been able to sell their current residence at a fair price this summer; the soft winter market is enticing – there are plenty of great deals for those looking to buy a new house – but until they’ve received a reasonable offer on their own property, they’re unwilling to make any move. If you’re in this position, you may feel yourself without recourse: all that’s left to do, you may think, is wait out the slow winter months and begin the house hunt anew next Spring. Contrary to what you may believe, however, there is an option open to you that will allow you to take advantage of a winter bargain while selling high in the possibly post-Brexit spring – namely, bridging finance.

Bridging finance comes with a bad reputation. The reason for this is that, historically at least, the rates on such loans have been exorbitant. Borrowers could often find themselves paying rates of 1% or more each month and thus racking up interest payments worth tens of thousands of pounds over the terms of their loans. Now, however, with interest rates as low as they currently are, bridging finance is just about as affordable as it’s ever been – almost as affordable as a standard, residential mortgage – providing prospective homeowners with an additional financial implement with which they can navigate the waters of the property market.


Christmas is a stressful enough time without having to endure the hassle that invariably accompanies a remortgage. But unfortunately, if the initial period of your mortgage comes to an end during the festive period and you’ve failed to make prior arrangements, you may find yourself burdened with exactly this task or face paying potentially hundreds of pounds each month in unnecessary mortgage payments. This is an outcome that nobody wants or needs, and which can be easily averted by acting now.

We often make efforts to reach out to our clients a few months prior to the end of their mortgage’s initial periods, but if you suspect that the end of your initial term is imminent and would like a professional to take a look at your situation and provide you with an assessment of your present needs, Private Finance’s consultants would be more than happy to provide this service. Additionally, with a team of seasoned mortgage professionals and access to every lender on the market, we will be able to survey the market on your behalf and attempt to find you the best deal the market has to offer you.

If you’d like to speak to a qualified professional about any of the matters touched upon in this article, you can arrange an obligation-free consultation with one of Private Finance’s mortgage consultants by calling us on 0800 980 8777 or emailing us at

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up with repayments on your mortgage.

Autumn Mortgage Checklist


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