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    What is an expat mortgage?

    Expat mortgages are designed for UK nationals residing abroad who wish to purchase or invest in property within the United Kingdom. These mortgages are tailored to the unique financial circumstances and residency status of expats, making it possible for them to secure financing for UK property whilst living abroad.

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    Types of expat mortgages for UK nationals

    Expat residential purchase

    For expats seeking to buy a home in the UK to relocate or maintain a residence in their home country while living abroad.

    Expat residential remortgage

    For expats looking to remortgage their house in the UK by changing a current mortgage to a new deal, typically with a new lender but using the same property as security.

    Expat buy-to-let mortgages

    For investors looking to build wealth through property by investing in UK rental properties, allowing them to generate rental income and build a property portfolio.

    Is it hard to get an expat mortgage?

    Expat Mortgages

    Arranging an expat mortgage in the UK can be more challenging than arranging a regular one. These complexities arise largely from the limited availability of lenders willing to provide expat mortgage options, the stricter lending criteria, and higher deposit requirements due to the higher perceived risk. In addition, lenders may also find it more challenging to conduct credit assessments for applicants residing abroad. As a result, many mainstream institutions exclude these types of mortgages from their lending proposition.

    When applying for an expat mortgage, you will need to ensure you have all the required documentation such as documents to evidence recent address history, proof of income, visas, and employment status. Other factors such as foreign income and alternative forms of income can also pose a challenge for some lenders.

    Expat mortgages are a more specialist type of lending, therefore using a specialist mortgage broker such as Private Finance can be highly beneficial. We will help navigate these issues, provide tailored mortgage advice for your situation, and connect you with the most appropriate lender for you.

    Expat Mortgage Broker

    As a specialist mortgage broker, we have the expertise, the experience, and the industry relationships to tailor the right expat mortgage solution for you.

    Here are some of the reasons why our expat clients trust us with their mortgage needs:

    Expertise and Experience

    Experience and Experience

    From gathering the correct paperwork, using foreign or alternative sources of income for your mortgage, to identifying the right lender. We understand the complexities one might face when applying for an expat mortgage. We have helped many expats navigate the common challenges when applying for an expat mortgage.


    Industry Relationships

    Our long-term industry relationships mean we know the best lenders to approach based on your individual circumstances as an expat and have access to bespoke and exclusive products. We help present your mortgage application to the lender with the highest chance of acceptance, as well as guide you through the whole journey.

    Quality Service

    Quality Service

    We have an average rating of 4.97 out of 5 from more than 2,000 reviews. Our friendly consultants guide you from start to finish, finding the right mortgage for you with your current and future circumstances in mind. We will handle the whole mortgage application process for you.

    Expat Mortgage Case Studies

    Whether you have straightforward or complex mortgage requirements. Find out below in our case studies how we helped our expat clients successfully navigate the mortgage market.

    FAQs expat mortgages

    • Can I get a mortgage as an expat?

      Yes, there are a range of lenders offering mortgages for expats. Although the availability and terms may vary depending on your specific circumstances.

    • What is the minimum deposit for an expat mortgage?

      The minimum deposit requirement for an expat mortgage can vary widely, depending on the lender, your creditworthiness, and the country where you reside in. Some lenders may accept a deposit of 15% of the purchase price, while others may require a larger down payment.

    • Are expat mortgages more expensive?

      The cost of an expat mortgage is dependent on your individual circumstances. While expat mortgages are not necessarily more expensive, there is a more limited pool of lenders to choose from. A mortgage broker can help identify these lenders and help find the right mortgage deal for you.

    • Can I get a mortgage based on foreign income?

      Yes, lenders can use foreign income when considering your eligibility for a mortgage. However, the acceptable currencies and income sources may differ depending on the lender’s policies.

    • Can I get an expat mortgage if my partner isn’t a UK national?

      Yes, it’s possible to obtain an expat mortgage even if your partner isn’t a UK national.

    • Can I get a mortgage while I am still abroad?

      Yes, you can apply for a mortgage while you are still abroad. An expat mortgage is for UK nationals who are living outside the UK.

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